Chatham newcomer is now moving on

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I have lived in two neighbourhoods since moving to Chatham. During this time, I have suffered two stress-related heart attack, in June and July. No one came around to check in, to chat, maybe even lend a hand from time to time.

Neighbourly connections reinforce the social fabric and support independent community living. Numerous studies have led to wide-ranging conclusions about the importance of the social relationship to individual good health.

I refer to these relations as a community or circles of care and believe that its creation within neighbourhoods is critical to all residents across their life span. We live in a culture that tends to make older people invisible. We may not even notice the older neighbour struggling to carry his/her groceries from the car to the house. If a neighbour cannot drive, a ride should be offered.

Residents need to stop complaining and being rude, especially during these difficult times with the ongoing pandemic. I just ignore them and don’t talk to them anymore.

Remember, they are neighbours, not my friends. They just happen to live on the same street as I do.

I’m a new resident who has decided to move on because I haven’t found Chatham a welcoming city.

Mary Sumaruk




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